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NEW disruptive technology from Ecodyst!

17 March 2022

Ecodyst Introduce their new disruptive technology that will save money, time and the environment!

Ecodyst Hydrogen® Rotary Evaporator

Ecodyst’s hydrogen is the high performance rotary evaporator for the modern chemist. This innovative product has been developed by award winning scientists to save your laboratory time, energy and money. The Hydrogen® is easy to operate, occupies >50% less bench space and eliminates the need to use dry ice.

Ecodyst EcoChyll X1

A powerful energy-efficient self-cooling condenser that can upgrade any brand of rotovap. Using a proprietary and innovative self-cooling technology, Ecodyst has revolutionised rotary evaporators to be more efficient, have a smaller footprint, to have a greater output and to be less expensive to operate.

View the range on our website here.

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