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Laurence Dawkins Hall, CSci

Laurence Dawkins Hall, CSci

Science Council Applicant Support Mentor
I am a Biomedical Sciences graduate and a life sciences teaching technician at the University of Leicester. I am a Chartered Scientist (CSci) and an Applicant Support Mentor for the Science Council, providing registration workshops for graduate applicants and Apprentices, in person, on line and at designated conferences. I perform an analogous role for the IST and NTDC, as their Principal registration Mentor & Assistant Registrar and Special Advisor on Registration and STEM (respectively). In addition, as an IST Fellow, I represent them at Technician Commitment events, assist in conference organisation & serve on their Fellowship Committee inter alia. Finally, I assess Science Council Registration scripts (RSciTech, RSci & CSci) on behalf of the Science Council, IST and RSB respectively. Go back to the list of speakers or register below ....

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