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Andy Evans

Andy Evans

Director at Green Light Laboratories Ltd

Andy has always had an interest in science and studied Human Biology at University achieving a 1st class honours degree. Since 2006 he has worked in the scientific industry, initially selling laboratory equipment and then he moved into lab sustainability serving a variety of clients including the Francis Crick Institute. Since 2016 he has ran Green Light Laboratories Limited and has accumulated a notable list of clients dominated by Russell Group universities, including Imperial College, Edinburgh, Newcastle, St Andrews, Bristol, Oxford and Warwick, and high-profile manufacturers of lab equipment based in the UK and overseas.  

Andy is regarded as a leading authority on sustainable lab practices and equipment. He is currently working for government appointed agents writing the new testing standards for scientific cold storage and has just completed a six-month case study examining ULT freezer performance.  He’s a natural presenter and is always able to find a unique and entertaining way to share the latest means by which any lab can become sustainable.

Join Andy in the Sustainability Surgery at the Show, where he can advise on lab sustainability. He will also present his favourite science fiction movies and how they link with the current and future approaches to lab sustainability. It’s an entertaining take on a vital subject. The talk incorporates the latest case study data and highlights the impacts you can have via procurement, best practice and policy.

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