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In Conversation with Eppendorf: Exploring the True Value of Exhibiting

17 May 2018

Can you start by telling us a little about Eppendorf’s history with the show?

Eppendorf’s relationship with SLS must be coming on for 10 years by now, and we’ve been exhibiting at the show since it began in 2010. We enjoy working with distributors like SLS who know our products and understand how they can meet customer needs. As a premium brand, we require a knowledgeable partner to communicate and promote the benefits of our products, and SLS’s flexible and customer-orientated approach underpins our strong, effective and productive relationship. 

What brings you to the Scientific Laboratory Show and Conference time and again?

We have a wide-ranging product portfolio that addresses a broad customer base, from academia, biotech and government research to healthcare and pharma. These sectors are the same as SLS’s target market, so the show provides a great opportunity to meet prospective customers. It’s also important that we speak to everyone involved in the procurement process, as there are different requirements for different people. When it comes to one of our freezers, for example, a facilities manager may be concerned with energy usage, heat output and service contracts, while the researchers and scientists may be more concerned with whether it will protect their samples. Face-to-face meetings are crucial to understanding the needs of our current and prospective customers. 

Beyond meeting people at the show, what are the other benefits for you as a company?

An Eppendorf centrifuge and another brand’s centrifuge may look very similar on paper but seeing the products in person allows visitors to assess the quality and build of our equipment – that’s why these kinds of shows are so useful to us as a manufacturer. When you’ve seen and handled a product for yourself, you know exactly what you are ordering. Two pipettes may have the same weight and similar downward resistance, for example, but the way they balance and feel in the hand can be very different – sometimes the only way to find out is to actually hold it for yourself.   

You could obviously meet customers simply as an exhibitor. What’s the draw in becoming a show sponsor?

Firstly, it’s an opportunity to talk to the SLS sales force and participate in a training event the two days before the show. Secondly, it’s key to develop and invest in our relationship with SLS, and being a sponsor is part of our commitment to our long-term partnership. As a sponsor, we have a greater opportunity to present our broad and diverse product portfolio, and I have no problem filling a nine-foot stand! 

What kind of products will visitors be able to see at your stand?

We are bringing a range of products for sample storage, liquid handling and cell culture workflows, as well as launching our new 5901R multipurpose benchtop centrifuge and the 5425 microfuge. Visitors will also be able to see our X50 PCR machine, S44i biological shaker, F740hi freezer and epMotion 96 liquid handling tool, and they are welcome to join us for the workshop we will be delivering as part of the conference schedule. 

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Wednesday the 23rd of May at the East Midlands Conference Centre at the University of Nottingham. In the meantime, take a look around the website, explore the range of exhibitors attending and highlight the seminars and workshops that you want to attend. And you can always keep up with the latest news on Twitter – follow @SciLabShow and #SciLabShow2018.

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