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Dallas Campbell

Dallas Campbell

For Dallas, science isn’t a subject. It’s an adventure. He has a lifelong passion for understanding how the world works and for exploring our relationship with science, technology and engineering – past, present and future.  

He’s a very experienced presenter and speaker. He has worked on many live stage shows including Tim Peake’s Return to Earth Live at the Royal Albert Hall, BBC's Bang Goes the Theory the national tour, the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures & Spacesuit Live, the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary show at London’s Excel Arena, Fame Lab International, and Cheltenham Science Festival. In October 2017, Dallas was chosen to host the sell-out event at the Barbican in London where he interviewed Major Tim Peake live on stage. His new book is Ad Astra: An Illustrated Guide to Leaving the Planet.  

You’ll also know Dallas from his many TV appearances including BBC2’s Stargazing Live with Dara O’Briain and Professor Brian Cox for Tim Peake’s live launch to the International Space Station (December 2015); BBC1’s Bang Goes The Theory - the prime time science magazine show; BBC4’s Horizon Guide, in which he investigates big science subjects such as quantum mechanics; and channel Five’s The Gadget Show, where his exploits included testing out a jet-powered luge and breaking the Scalextric land speed record.  

Fearless, engaging and inspiring, Dallas speaks about a wide range of topics including science, rockets and Space.    

Dallas is very keen to encourage more women and girls into science as a career and has worked with Science Girl ( for many years. He’s one of the leading men in Women In Tech: at times, he has been the “token” male in all-female science and technology events.  

He is a regular contributor to the BBC’s Science magazine Focus, The Times’ Eureka magazine and has written for The Observer. He is a guest on BBC Radio 4’s comedy science show The Infinite Monkey Cage, Loose Ends with Clive Anderson and Shaun Keavney’s Breakfast Show (BBC6 Music). Dallas also regularly appears on The One Show, BBC Breakfast & The Wright Stuff. His own series include The Treasure Hunters and City In the Sky (BBC2).

He is an Honorary Fellow of the British Science Association in recognition for his work in engaging people with science & technology. He is a judge on their annual Young Scientist & Engineer of the Year awards.   

Dallas is an actor and writer whose curiosity and original mind have led him into a parallel career as one of television’s freshest and funniest talents and broadcasters.  

His passion for popularising science and for investigating the weirder areas of life, the universe and everything, took him from a background in theatre and film work into researching, writing and presenting authored documentaries for television.  

In 2007 he went to Los Angeles to work with RJ Cutler’s company, ARP, on his own humorous investigative series, Dallas in Wonderland, for The Discovery Channel. The ultimate layman’s guide to achieving the impossible, it sees Dallas having a go at things that laymen aren’t supposed to be able to do: such as going into space, breaking the men’s 100m record, or journeying to the centre of the Earth.  

Dallas studied English and Drama before becoming an actor. In his varied career on stage, film and TV, his roles have included Atilla, Moll Flanders, Doomwatch and Family Affairs. Theatre brought him together with legendary comic maverick Ken Campbell on some hair-brained projects, most notably The Warp – the 29 hour ‘Fortean’ epic which made it into the Guinness Book of Records as the world longest (and possibly oddest) play. He works regularly with acclaimed filmmaker Emily James on projects as diverse as Channel 4’s puppet-driven consumer show Don’t Worry, and the multi award winning musical documentary A Brief History of Cuba in D Minor.  

Dallas co-wrote and directed the award winning short comedy film No Deposit No Return, about a raid at a sperm bank. It premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival as part of the UK Film Council’s best short film selection, and can be viewed on the BBC’s film network site. 

Dallas spent several years living in Los Angeles, but is now in London. And he collects bits of space suits.

How to Leave the Planet

For almost all of the 250,000 years of human history, we’ve been firmly rooted to the Earth. Sure it's got some good things going for it - nice views, friendly inhabitants, good coffee. Air. But what if you wanted to get off?  

Whether you've got itchy feet, or you're sick to the back teeth of life on Earth, Dallas will take you through all your travel options: Do I need a passport? How do I know if I have the right stuff? Can I take my dog? What spacesuit do I need? Where am I going to go? What am I going to eat?  

This talk is an eclectic mix-tape of space travel stories both real and imagined, based around Dallas’ new best-selling book, Ad Astra: An Illustrated Guide to Leaving The Planet: From the migrating lunar geese that flew us to the moon in the 1600’s, to Elon Musk’s wild plan to get humans to Mars en masse; from the history of early rocket science to the secret Soviet tortoises that secretly won the space race. An exploration of science, imagination and comedy for anyone who has looked up in wonder at the stars…and then wondered how to get there.

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