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Doug Allan

Doug Allan

Doug Allan is an award-winning natural history photographer, documentary filmmaker, author, diver and public speaker. During his 30-year filming career, Doug has been involved with many prestigious films for the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery and more, including: Frozen Planet, Life, Planet Earth, Human Planet, The Blue Planet, Life in the Freezer, and Operation Iceberg.

With dive experience covering more than 5000 hours, and over 650 dives under ice, it’s no surprise that Doug was chosen as the principal cameraman on these award-winning series.

In terms of natural history photography, Doug’s awards include seven Emmys, four BAFTAs and five Wildscreen Pandas. He has also won the underwater category in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards twice.

Sharing his legendary expertise of extreme environments, including Polar Regions, Doug captivates audiences with tales of his extraordinary filming successes and challenges. He also speaks about the environmental issues that spike climate change.

“Wildlife cameramen don’t come much more special than Doug” - Sir David Attenborough

An Eye Below Zero  

Whether satellite tracking orcas in the Antarctic, helping with the measurement of the precise shape of an iceberg underwater, determining the real cost of climate change to polar bears, or documenting what microplastics are doing to Manta rays – the scientist and the film maker are symbiotic partners.  

In this keynote presentation, Doug Allan describes highlights from his 35 year career as a wildlife cameraman in the company of scientists. With stories and pictures from behind the scenes, Doug will take you up close and personal with the animals that live in the wildest places on earth. His aim is to amaze, inspire and challenge. What should we be doing to turn the tide on the crucial issues affecting our oceans?


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